Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT)
Benign Beaders
Team BENIGN BEADERS is a group of 25 undergraduate students of Automobile and Mechanical engineering streams of RJIT to prove their mettle in real world of engineering by designing, fabricating and maintaining a single seater off-road vehicle intended to participate in race event of BAJA SAEINDIA and dreaming to make best ATV of the world .

Team is participating in BAJA since four years and believe it's not about being the best it's about being better than yesterday .

The BAJA SAE Series is an event for the undergraduate engineering students, organized globally by the Society of Automotive Engineers, USA. The event originated in the name of Mini - BAJA, in the year 1976 at University of Carolina. Since then, the event has spanned across six countries - USA, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Brazil and India. The BAJA SAE tasks the students to design, fabricate and validate a single seater four - wheeled off road vehicle to take part in series of events spread over a course of 3 days that test the vehicle for the sound engineering practices that have gone into it, the agility of the vehicle in terms of gradability, speed, acceleration and manoeuvrability characteristics and finally its ability to endure that back breaking durability test.