Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT)
ADA Programs
Practical List of Analysis of Design & Algorithm

S.No. Programs
1. Program for binary search (Simple and Recursive)
2. Program for heap sort
3. Program for merge sort
4. Program for quick sort
5. Strassen’s Matrix multiplication
6. Program for optimal merging
7. Program for Knapsack problem
8. Program for finding out cost of spanning tree by kruskal’s/Prim’s algorithm
9. Program for single source shortest path
10. Program for Graph coloring
11. Program to find Hemiltonion Cycle from given graph
12. Program for BFS and DFS
Note :
1. After 2nd terms of lab period, check your file with program and algorithm
2. At the end of program, output should be enclosed
3. After making all program make file with good file folder and color
4. Final file must be checkd before 30/04/2014