Director’s Message

Director's Message


Dear Students,
I am extremely happy to welcome you to Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT), Border Security Force, Tekanpur. RJIT started with an avid objective to provide quality education and. Technology is moving at a very fast pace. What was breakthrough yesterday is obsolete today. This has made it imperative that future technocrats must be familiar not only with present technical skills, but also with the technology of tomorrow. The maxim “survival of fittest” is more relevant now than ever before. We believe in value based quality education and faculty members at RJIT are striving hard for it, so that alumni of RJIT is well received by the Industry, public and private sector organization and others.In the recent years, degree in the technical education has become the foremost academic qualification for all leading industries. Government and Non Government sectors, academicians and industrialists alike have recognized the value of the degree in meeting challenges of the rapidly changing business environment.India produces the largest number of Engineering Graduates, more than a million. However, when it comes to employment, a very low percent is actually considered ‘employable’ by Indian and Multinational companies. One of the major reasons for this is that most of the colleges do not go beyond the curriculum to teach essential ‘soft skills’ such as the ability to analyze, innovate and communicate.I expect our students to be sincere, responsible and committed to their work. They should have “never give up attitude and unquenchable thirst of knowledge”I wish “Best of luck” to all the students of RJIT in their endeavours.


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