Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT)
(An Institute of Border Security Force)
  • RJIT - Building
  • Abhivyanjana the Annual function
  • Inauguration of MM Lab
  • Minister Visit Sh. Rama Sankar Katheriya
  • Alumni Meet 10th Jan 2016
  • Inauguration
  • Seminar in RJIT
  • Principal RJIT, Director RJIT & Chief Administrator RJIT
  • Meeting with Parents
  • Cricket Team with Trophies
  • Vehicle Made by Students
About RJIT

The Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT) is the first Engineering College in India established by a Para Military Force. Due to deployment of the bulk of the Border Security Force (BSF) personnel in militancy affected areas, the majority of the force personnel stay separated from their families and is unable to look after the education of their children. A number of personnel are laying down their lives in the fight against anti national elements every day. The Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT) has been set up with the objective.... Read More

Training & Placement
Rustamji Institute of Technology BSF, Gwalior
Ph.: 07524-274614
Vice Chairman's Message

Dear visitors, Welcome to the Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT), BSF Academy Tekanpur. BSF has taken a wonderful initiative to provide quality education to the wards of BSF / CAPFs personnel at RJIT. Our campus is set in a beautiful landscape with a living environment of BSF Academy that encourages interaction and camaraderie. .... Read More

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Director's Message

Dear Students, I am extremely happy to welcome you to Rustamji Institute of Technology (RJIT), Border Security Force, Tekanpur. RJIT started with an avid objective to provide quality education and. Technology is moving at a very fast pace.... Read More

Our Alumni
Chief Administrator's Message

Dear Students, Today the world has shrunk into a global village, we are spending a lot of time in acquiring intelligence at the expense of developing intellect. The intelligence is built by gaining information, knowledge from external agencies, from schools and universities, teachers and text books..... Read More

Department's Achievements
Principal's Message

Dear Visitors,Warm greetings and welcome to RustamJi Institute of Technology (RJIT). On October 2, 1999, RustamJi Institute of Technology was established by Border Security Force (BSF) to provide quality education to the wards of BSF personnel.... Read More